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We help maximize the profitability of your business through the introduction of IT-technologies.
IT-technologies facilitate your work, make the interaction between employees and customers convenient and comfortable!

Information technology is becoming a key weapon for enterprises in the competitive struggle for markets, resources and profits.

The rapidly growing potential of information technology as an integral part of modern life, manage the huge flow of information, helps to alleviate and improve the quality of life, as well as opening more and more opportunities for all of us.

IJI IT GROUP is leading developer company, offers  a wide range of services in the IT area. Our specialists are successfully operating in Ukraine and abroad for 30 Years. During this time, it was executed and implemented into practice a number of projects and gained extensive practical experience, which allows  to perform the tasks in a short time. You can find our works in our portfolio.

We offer you a wide range of services in information technology.

Our company has developed and implemented a wide variety of sites, from business cards to sophisticated customers online stores and other labor-intensive projects. Samples of the ready sites you can see here.
We also deal with accompaniment customer sites, their optimization, promotion, content and support. We use modern instruments to analyze the content, keywords, visibility of sites for the most effective SEO (search engine optimization)

With the participation of our design studio was created and implemented a lot of architectural and design projects, including : Reconstruction of Mercury store in Kiev (now the "Atelier pottery factory "Artem"), preparation of pre-decision for the reconstruction of the building on the st Lutheran, 32, development of the design for the exterior of association "Nitrogen", Cherkasy, creating a three-dimensional model of the helicopter for design office "Vertical", public transport in Kiev Svyatoshinsky district, Kyiv region, etc.

Our specialists have experience in the development and implementation of enterprise information systems automation of user workstations (AWS). At the heart of these systems are based on CRM and ERP technology. They allow you to retain customers and attract new ones, improve customer relationships, enhance the profitability of enterprise.

In the process our professionals have been developed modules for content management, structure, forums, advertising, and other pages of web sites and software for creating information resources of your business, analog Bitrix.

IJI IT Group Ltd.


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Not many businesses operate with maximum efficiency. The lack of a single data center, clearly constructed by the management structure, the distribution of points of responsibility, fragmentation of information flows, the lack of mechanisms for cooperation generated within the company and with external partners, the problem of the system of control over the objectives and tasks, streamlined workflow, lack of modern information tools and organization of business relation...

Achievements and experience of the team


1. Participation in organization and conduct of meetings of the Heads of State Summit.2. Organization and ensuring of more than 50 interstate branch committees.3. Organization, participation and development of the draft long-term development of the economic system of intergovernmental organizations over a long period.4. Organization, participation and development of the project on development of interstate monetary system.5. Organization, participation and dev...


Corporate standards IJI IT GROUP - quality, health, safety, environment

While our Mission Statement sets forth what we do, this statement of “Vision and Values” identifies our underlying beliefs, behavioural attributes and highest aspirations. It is through following these beliefs that we will avoid falling into any ‘pot-holes’ found by our predecessors in this unique industry.QualityAs a business grows and changes, there are some things which should always remain the same – its ...

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